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Art For Sustainable Living

The conscious act of choosing sustainable, ethical, earth based, beautiful pottery by artistans, not sweatshops.
Art for our homes, our daily lives and our souls.

do what you love everyday!

SOLD OUT - But it wont be long before there is new work coming out of my kilns. I promoise

Here it is, the place where you can shop for my work online. I'll let you know the moment new work is available if you are ON THE LIST. I am truly grateful, that my work seems to go quite quickly when I have shop update, and one way to be sure you get to see the new work, is to subscribe to that list.

There will be an assortment of jewellery, pots for your home, including platters and bowls and pitchers and vases, and pots for your kitchen, such as mugs and bowls and butterdishes etc. etc.

Cori Sandler's pottery is available online or at the studio by appointment and at the following locations.

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