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Cori's Sandler

Take your time and scroll through this FAQ page. Everything from highlights of my process, and how I make things, to information on how best to order work and shipping and handling questions. This page will constantly be in a state of flux as more questions require answers.

Here are some questions you may have

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I am shipping to North America currently. If you are elsewhere and would like my work, send me a note and we'll figure it out.

I've been teaching on the island for about 10 years. Teaching online hasn't been quite as long, but it sure is a great way to learn. You can take a one on one class anytime.

Most importantly, bring an open mind. Really, just wear clothes that you are okay to get a bit dusty and dirty, a towel is a good thing and if you have a favourite apron, that's good too. Oh... comfy shoes are a good idea as the floor is concrete.

Only adult classes at this time. Sorry

Missed classes: I will do my best to help find a time and space for you to make up the class, however, please understand that just like any other class you may take, it is your responsibility to attend all classes.
It may not be possible to make up a class. No refund will be available for missed classes
** Terms run for 8 weeks (for Cori's Clay Class in studio). As class size is very small, I ask that you understand that if you miss a class, the class will likley continue as planned.
Having said all this, life is flexible and we can try to reschedule a class if all participants are able and willing.

If I am able to find space in another class, you may be able to make it up but... safe to say, unfortunately, if you miss a class... you miss a class.

I also live with a 101 year old, and ... there are times, though rarely, when I too, may need to reschedule or cancel a class. It's very rare, Just a heads up.

Sorry, the only clay that you can use in my studio is clay purchased here. The fee for clay includes firing, my time for making glazes, loading kilns, unloading kilns, reviewing your work for glaze issues prior to firings, your use of many glazes. There are other technical reasons as well, but ... the answer... let's just keep it simple, with a solid NO - no exceptions.

Oh, now that is the fun part about Cori's Clay Class. Because classes are so small, you can almost self direct your learning. It's great to be able to get your hands wrapped around both techniques as with throwing, there are all kinds of handbuilding elements that you'll utilize. Having those handbuilding skills will be entirely useful to making beautiul pots.

If you want to exclsively learn handbuilding, no worries. Though throwing on a potters wheel is lots of fun, handbuilind can be very zen and you can make some of the most beautiful, interesting, and amzing pots, by using slabs, and coils, and pinching clay for instance. You can do one, or hte other or both!

There is a $20 cancellation fee if cancelled within 3 weeks of the class start date.
Full refund if cancelled prior to 3 weeks.
No refund if cancelled within 2 weeks of class. It may be difficult to fill your spot on short notice.
Full refund will be provided if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

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