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Cori's Clay Class

Pottery Lessons in The Comox Valley

cori's clay class
cori's clay class glazing day
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"Cori's Clay Class is my favourite 3 hours of my week. Honestly!"

Reclaim your hands, rediscover your inner artist.

Have you always wanted to take pottery lessons?

Let me share with you my enthusiasm about the clay's possibilities here in my potter's studio. Learn about traditional methods of hand building,  pinching, coiling and various slab techniques. Get caught up in the excitement of the potter's wheel.  I'll guide you through the process of decorating and glazing your work.
You will be making pots that you can keep and gift away to friends and family.

Have you always wanted to make your own handmade pottery coffee mug?

You can purchase your BASIC POTTERY TOOL KIT on the 1st day of class at a special Cori’s Clay Class discount.
Not to worry, I always have tools on hand at the studio as well.

Ha! It’s dirty work, but someone’s gotta do it!

Lots of important info here, so please take your time and read through this page.


$325.00 - 8 class term
$30.00/bag clay/glazes/firings
$25.00 Basic Pottery Tool kit available first day of class at studio. (if required)

$50.00 non refundable deposit to secure your spot

You can purchase your BASIC POTTERY TOOL KIT on the 1st day of class at a special Cori's Clay Class discount. Not to worry, I always have tools on hand at the studio as well.


Once you have been confirmed in the class/event/workshop, you can send your $50.00 deposit via Email Money Transfer.
Instructions on sending your deposit will be in your Confirmation of Registration email.

Space is limited so as to give you lots of personalized attention.
Balance due first day of class.
$20 cancellation fee if cancelled within 3 weeks of the class start date.

If you and 3 friends would like to create new date/time for a term of classes, feel free to ask me if I can create a special class for you.

Term will run 8 weeks – 1 class/week.

If there is room in the class, you may start a class mid term. Feel free to ask.

3-5 students per class - lots of personal attention

Full refund will be provided if the class is cancelled due to enrollment.

Types of learning / classes available

Click on the class for more info.

This level offers an introduction to the potter’s wheel. You will learn how to make a simple round vessel. A cylinder is the foundation shape for almost every other creation made on the potter’s wheel and you will learn how to make this form in various sizes.At the end of the class, you can expect to take home 3-8 finished pieces: this might include mugs, bowls, small lidded pots,egg cups, creamer/sugar, tea light holders and more. You will decorate your pots with varying techniques which may include carving, adding colour using coloured slips, sgraffito or scratching through the coloured slip, and simple glazing.If you are a complete beginners or have limited experience, this level would be appropriate for you.

This class or level requires that you have taken at least one beginner wheel class. To participate at this level, you’ll require clarity about how to throw a cylinder or bowl and be prepared to practice what you have learned to date. This level will also have you refining your skills in wedging clay, entering, pulling walls and trimming, making and attaching handles – both hand-built and pulled handles. We will work on your abilities to consistently be able to center and control your clay. You will also be asked to keep a sketch book or have drawing references for you to be able to make the shapes you plan to make. More surface decoration techniques will be examined at this level

This is an intro to hand-building. You’ll be introduced to basic techniques including pinching, coiling, slab rolling, carving, soft and hard scab construction. With a variety of decorating techniques taught at this level, you’ll learn to bring life to your projects. You will be introduced to painting with coloured slips, and scratching through the slip (scraffito) and basic glazing. You will take on projects that a geared to your experience level. You can work on specific projects offered in class, or you may wish to work on your own projects utilizing methods taught in class. The sample projects shown in each class will vary and may include such items as mugs, bowls, serving platters, wall plaques, plates, pitchers, teapots, candle holders, boxes, vases and small sculptures. Your imagination is the limit in this class. This level is appropriate for all levels of experience.

This level is a combination of both worlds. Throwing on a potter’s wheel and free form hand-building utilizing several different methods; coiling, pinching, scraping, soft and hard slab construction. You will learn basic decoration and glazing techniques toward the end of the term. This level would be appropriate for someone who is a complete novice, or one who has taken fewer than 3 pottery classes.

Can you easily and comfortably center and throw cylinders and bowls?. Have you begun to explore more complex shapes? If so, then consider this level for yourself. You will divide the term in two parts. 4 weeks of making teapots. Understanding and examining the multiple components which are required in this form. There are several throwing challenges in making a teapot including lids and handles/knobs that both fit physically and visually, spouts that pour and are placed accurately, collaring teapot openings and creating a seat or gallery for the lid to sit in, pulling handles and assembly of all components. The remaining session will be creating a teapot form you have chosen and utilizing all you have learned in the previous weeks.

Do you just want to get down to it? Do you want to hone your skills? Here on the west coast of British Columbia, you’ll join me in my studio, across from the ocean for a 2 day or 3 day workshop (10 – 4:30) each day. You will spend concentrated time working through fundamentals and particulars of throwing on the potters wheel and or hand-building. This is a process based workshop – so you will not be going home with any completed work, but you will be making making making – considering form, technique, altering and trimming.

Day 1, you will concentrate on making work – throwing/hand building – depending on your desire.

On day 2, 3 we will be trimming work, discussing decorative applications and applying wet slip decoration and slip transfer decoration, mashima or inlay decoration, and texturing decorating techniques on work made on day 1.

If you would choose to continue to work on throwing only, that is also completely possible. I am happy to tailor a workshop to your specific needs and wants.

This is your time and we can work on specific areas that you are interested in ‘getting down’.

  • $247.50 / day – regular price
  • $198.00 /day – early bird special price - – pre-registered cori’s clay class students
  • 1 bag clay included (additional clay, 30.00/bag)
  • /p>

A few questions answered...

Please read through these as there is some important info for both new and returning students

Mostly, just bring your enthusiasm and willingness to learn and have fun.

Well, actually, there are a few things you can bring.
  • cumfy shoes, you dn't mind getting a bit of clay on
  • no party dressess please. Wear something that is okay to get clay on as well. It's rare that you'll go home cleaner than you came - (just sayin')
  • I have aprons here but if you have one you like, bring it with you.
  • a towel is an essential pottery making tool - bring one that will be YOUR pottery towel. - Of course I have towels here too, but this one is one you can take home and clean. Oh... and, septic systems don't like clay, so rince it outside first, before you pop your clay filled itmes in the wash.
  • bring a little tool box, could be a plastic dollar store container, or a large ziplock bag... something that will hold all your tools. You'll start collecting tools and believe me, your tool kit will grow as you decide you like making pottery. Almost anything can be a tool, or texture maker... You'll see what I mean soon enough.
  • a notebook. This will be invaluable. Consider it your sketch book, even if you don't sketch. You'll keep track of what your making, and when it comes to glazing, you'll write down what you did on what pot - so that you can replicate your amazing glazing job on another pot, or... decide you'll never do that combo of glazes again. You can pick a nte book up at the dollar store - a potters 2nd favourite place to shop.

The only clay that you can use in my studio is clay purchased here. No Exception.
The fee for clay includes firing, my time for making glazes, loading kilns, unloading kilns, reviewing your work for glaze issues prior to firings, your use of many glazes. There are other technical reasons as well, but ... the answer... let's just keep it simple, with a solid NO - no exceptions.

Oh, now that is the fun part about Cori's Clay Class. Because classes are so small, you can almost self direct your learning. It's great to be able to get your hands wrapped around both techniques as with throwing, there are all kinds of handbuilding elements that you'll utilize. Having those handbuilding skills will be entirely useful to making beautiul pots.

If you want to exclusively learn handbuilding, no worries. Though throwing on a potters wheel is lots of fun, handbuilind can be very zen and you can make some of the most beautiful, interesting, and amzing pots, by using slabs, and coils, and pinching clay for instance. You can do one, or hte other or both!

There is a $20 cancellation fee if cancelled within 3 weeks of the class start date.
Full refund if cancelled prior to 3 weeks.
No refund if cancelled within 2 weeks of class. It may be difficult to fill your spot on short notice.
Full refund will be provided if the class is cancelled due to low enrollment.

Just like any other school or class you attend, it is your responsibility to get to all classes. Life happens though, and of course, it may happen that you just can't make it one or two.
Unfortunately, there is no refund for classes missed.
I will do my best to see if there is another class that has some room in it that you can attend as a make up, but please understand that that can't always happen. Depnding on the size of class and the willingness of others in the class, sometimes we can get creative about extending class time, or starting earlier to add some time to a class - and sometimes, if I know early enough in advance, we can postpone a class all together (again, only if the other students are willing and able)
So... just to keep it simple... if you miss a class... I guess you miss a class!

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