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Art For Sustainable Living

The conscious act of choosing sustainable, ethical, earth based, beautiful pottery by artistans, not sweatshops.
Art for our homes, our daily lives and our souls.

do what you love everyday!

cori sandler row of mugs


Cori Sandler Pottery

Cori Sandler cinderella coach mug white


Cori Sandler naked ldy bowl


Cori Sandler cinerella coach mug

The Body and Soul: Jeweller

Cori Sandler handmade ceramic jewellery

The Body and Soul: Jewellery
Cori Sandler naked lady bowl
The Kitchen: plates and platters; dinnerware sets; serving dishes; salt and pepper shakers; butter dishes; oil and vinegar carafs;.
Cori Sandler handmade mugs
Drinking: Coffee mugs, tea cups, yunomis, mugs, tumblers, wine cups, whiskly cups
Cori Sandler tulip platter
EATING: bowls, serving bowls, cereal bowl, desert bowl, flanged bowl, tea bowl, cat bowl, dog bowl,

Cori Sandler woodfired squares mug

Saint Tropez and its fort in the evening sun

Over the years I have been influenced by so many different things. When I first began making pottery, I was living in a big city and my work was bright and colourful and cheery and whimsical. I was also younger then. As I moved on in both skill, and maturity, I find that I am now drawn to a kind of visual interpratation of both calm and chaos. It's rather strange, I know, but I am a bit complicated I guess.
Cori Sandler Pottery has many styles and designs of pottery. Bright and colourful or quiet and contemporary pottery for your home and soul. Browse through some of my pottery, both current work and earlier work. Everything from mugs, to serving dishes, to butter dishes, to bowls and more

If you want to see what is most current, you'll find it on my instagram feed.

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cori sandler row of mugs
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